What Can You Get with CorrLinks Inmate Email System?

Do you often think about your family outside the prison? Have you talked to them lately? If you haven’t heard news from them for a long time now, you can email them using CorrLinks. It is an email service system for the Federal of Prisons for inmates to use in communicating with people they wanted to talk to. You can invite the loved ones you wish to message with only 0.05$ per minute as service fee. As long as you go to Corrlinks sign up page and create your own account. Why would you use CorrLinks than other commercial email site?image

  • It is easy for communication. Many prisoners get lonely because they do not often news from their loved ones. But with CorrLinks, they can email to their loved one and get a reply within an hour the recipient send an email. This is after the admin checks the system. All the inmates need is to login using the registry number given by them upon registration.
  • It is very user friendly and less difficult to use. Basic computer is what it needs for you to establish your own account. You don’t really need to be a computer savvy. You can setup an account in few steps and add someone on your contact list on the people you wish to email.
  • It filters authentic emails only. What you can see on your inbox are those important emails only. You will not see anything spam and junk messages. This is worth of what you pay for the service, the security they offer so you can only get what emails you want to read.
  • It is protected by unwanted access. Only those who are given authorized access can open the CorrLinks program. You can guarantee that any information you give will be safe. They check each email and each users of the program thoroughly.

Visit now www.corrlinks.com to see more information about the system and how to get your own account.