Simple Way to Create Hotmail Account

There are many popular email providers people use which offers their benefits. You can select Hotmail because not only it offers high quality service and free it also is among the oldest webmail service and already trusted by 260 million users around the world. If you want to know what makes you have to create your own account now. How? You can use the steps below as your guide in the registration process.

a. You can head to the website It is easy to apply for a hotmail account here in this site.
b. Now, press the “Sign Up” button. You will end up sent straight in the page where the registration will start. It ought to ask for your private data.
c. Set up your own private Hotmail address on the area presented right next to “windows Live ID”. It might by anything you want which may be comfortably kept in mind plus more private to you. You must also see if the email address you would like is available by clicking “Check Availability”.
d. After that, make your personal password in your account. It should be six characters or over. Just enter it at the box featured which states “Password” and next retype in at the next box featured.
e. You may also insert a different option email address whenever you have and select the protection question for your account. This is very important whenever you failed to remember your password. It is possible to transfer it towards the different mail or reply to your safety question.
f. Provide answers to all of the personal data questioned within you just like your name, zip code, country, gender and many more.
g. Input the captcha featured and mark check the “I accept” to execute the whole process of enrollment.

This post will help you get to know more about Hotmail.

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